Both domestic and international wire transfer services are available to all our members. For outgoing wires a fee is assessed ($25.00 for domestic and $40 for international).

In addition, funds may be wired into your Self Reliance New York FCU account through Alloya Corporate F.C.U., free of charge or through the Federal Reserve Bank for a $60.00 incoming wire fee.

Incoming wire instructions, free of charge, through Alloya Corporate:

Alloya Corporate F.C.U. - ABA Routing # 221 381 715

P.O. Box 15021-502
Albany, NY 12212-5021
Tel#: (800) 342-4328

Credit To:

Self Reliance (NY) F.C.U - ABA Routing # 2260 7837 9

Final Credit To: 

Member Name:  As it appears on the credit union account.
Member Number:

  • XXXXX00 - Savings account
  • XXXXX10 - Checking Account